Just a reminder that I have opened a new website and I am posting there regularly. I will be closing down this site in a few days so all the traffic goes to my new one, so if you are still interested in reading these posts. New site: Except from latest post: Something I … Continue reading CLOSING DOWN THIS SITE!


Ethan’s Favorite Creations of 2017

My top 5 things I made in 2017. If you think this is shameless promotion, you're right. 5.  It makes me giggle. 4. Easily my favorite podcast episode. 3.  Walter Murch's theory put to music. 2. The bird, the myth, the legend. 1. Kung-fu Kenny.

Joel Sartore: My Favorite Photographer

Joel Sartore, is an award-winning photographer, author, and contributor to National Geographic. His images have a certain charming quality to them that I feel captures the essence of his subjects. This is best represented in his on-going project the Photo Ark. The Photo Ark project is magical. Here is how Joel describes it on the … Continue reading Joel Sartore: My Favorite Photographer

Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett

I recently joined Second Hand Media, a film reviewing YouTube channel. I am working with four other awesome guys creating film reviews, commentaries, video essays, and a weekly podcast. My little slice of programming will be Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett, where  I will discuss different films, genres, and themes in the form of a … Continue reading Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett

GO WATCH: Xavier: Renegade Angel

Describing, Xavier: Renegade Angel, is a little difficult. The Adult Swim show had two seasons from 2007-2009 before it was canceled, but honestly it amazing that this was a series at all. The series follows, Xavier, the "wise", "mystic" that drifts from place to place "helping" people. The show is delightfully bizarre. The animation is … Continue reading GO WATCH: Xavier: Renegade Angel