Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett

I recently joined Second Hand Media, a film reviewing YouTube channel. I am working with four other awesome guys creating film reviews, commentaries, video essays, and a weekly podcast. My little slice of programming will be Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett, where  I will discuss different films, genres, and themes in the form of a … Continue reading Pulling Focus with Ethan Hatchett


GO WATCH: Xavier: Renegade Angel

Describing, Xavier: Renegade Angel, is a little difficult. The Adult Swim show had two seasons from 2007-2009 before it was canceled, but honestly it amazing that this was a series at all. The series follows, Xavier, the "wise", "mystic" that drifts from place to place "helping" people. The show is delightfully bizarre. The animation is … Continue reading GO WATCH: Xavier: Renegade Angel

Adam’s (YMS) and ChaseFace’s Death Note (2017) Review

Death Note, is one of my favorite television series of all time and Netflix and Adam Wingard turned into a terrible teen movie. My short review: Don't watch it. It is a baffling waste of time. However, I did find this wonderful discussion between Adam Johnston (Your Movie Sucks) and ChaseFace on YouTube. It is a little … Continue reading Adam’s (YMS) and ChaseFace’s Death Note (2017) Review